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Fifty five years ago today I climbed into a 1967 C150 with Al Werner DPE and when I got out I was a Private pilot. Nine airplanes later I’m wondering when to hang it up. I never flew for a living except to instruct for a small FBO after I retired from my “real” job. Come to think of it, that wasn’t for a living either. :)

Back then I never imagined how aviation would enrich my life…..well not monetarily but in every other way. I’ve met some great people, flew some great trips and flew some great and rare airplanes.

Good memories.

You've got me beat by 6 months Rich..........and mine was a '65 150. Good folks in aviation and, as you said, good memories.
Hopefully my -18 will be parked in the hangar when St. Peter calls me.
Do you remember how much Avgas was?
In 1973 when I bought my first plane it was 68 cents a gallon for 80 octane. Before that I was renting “wet”. C150 was $13 an hour wet. Dual was an extra $7. J3 was $11 an hour wet. At the time car gas was around 30 cents. People were amazed at what I had to pay for Avgas.
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Here’s a picture of the bill for the annual in my T-Craft in 1974.


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I joined the Toledo (WA) flying club in '71. They had 2 150s 1@ $7 the other at $8 (electric flaps) / hour wet. A 172 @ $12 and a PA 28-180 at $14!! Instructor was $5. I think I was making about $3.50/hour so it still wasn't cheap.

Like the guy who woke from a coma after 35 years and the first thing he did was run to a pay phone to call his broker and check on his investment account. “Your balance is 5.6 million dollars” said the broker. The man’s excitement was interrupted by the operator who said “please deposit 35,000 dollars for the next 3 minutes”…… It’s all relative!

If you haven't been submitted for a Wright Brothers Master Pilot award, have a friend do it. I've submitted many for folks.

It's a neat acknowledgement from the FAA.

Yes, I did get the 50 year award from FAA. It is a nice acknowledgment and I’m proud to have it. Just for the fact that my friends saw fit to nominate me.

Congratulations guys, I love hearing this kind of thing.

Memories. In the fall of '69, March AFB aero club, the C150 was $7/hr wet, and the instructor was also $7/hr. They let me fill up my motorcycle from the Avgas pump for free. My takehome pay was $22/wk.
Went from zero to Comm-Inst in mid-70's. GI Bill picked up 90% of a/c rental and instruction.