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Aluminum tanks weigh the same as the old steel Tern-Plate tanks

Alex Clark

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Life Long Alaskan
Just as winter was starting the new Aluminum fuel tanks finally were installed. With the interior baffles they weigh the same as the old steel tern-plate tanks. I was somewhat surprised. That shows how the old 1940s solder coated tern-plate tanks were actually a real innovation at the time. Too bad the creases inside trapped water and made rust spots over 70 years. My old ones were marked 1947.


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Hope for the best. Apparently there are different qualities of aluminum tanks. In the early 2000s we had a rash of failures in Decathlons. My 1977 aluminum tanks are apparently still good as new.

I know of no J3s with terne plate tanks still installed. Wish I could buy an aluminum tank for the J4.