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Almost Killed Myself With Corned Beef PSA

OK - I did the sausage & cabbage deal we've talked about. I couldn't find Penrose and did some checking - the factory burned down for the big sausages like I remembered, though you can still find the little ones. This is what I could find readily that duplicated it (and definitely was in the gas stations here at that time):

OK - that's done, the recipe and putting it together in a pressure cooker (we use an Instant Pot which cooks with 10 pounds) minimum water to operate in ours is 2 Cups:

1 cabbage cut into quarters
Put as many peeled potatoes on top of that to cover
6 sausages on top of the potatoes - you could put 4 - but don't put any less
4 crushed chicken bouillon cubes sprinkled on top of the sausages (the little ones - not those huge Knorr cubes)
He put 2 sticks of butter on top - but he also had a massive stroke and died at 64 - so I cut that to 1/4 stick cut into pieces and covered the sausage
1/4 t pepper 1/2 t salt.
35 minutes and let the pressure release naturally


The above doesn't show where I put the butter - slathered that on top of the sausages, they transferred the red color to everything else.

Definitely turned the potatoes and cabbage the red color (and some was bright red) I remember as a kid. Connie said it had great flavor and I agree with that. We also agreed the sausage was disappointing, but that may simply be because it transferred all it's flavor to the cabbage/potatoes. Might be why I was told to eat the cabbage & potatoes as a kid and wasn't allowed the sausage (and they could have been Penrose Red Hots).

If we had used 2 full sticks of butter, that would have really made a rich sauce - but my health just isn't up for it.


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If there's enough liquid floating oil in the dish the excess oil can be removed via absorbent pads. The kind used to clean up oil spills. Just cut off a piece and briefly dip and swirl it into the cooker. Works.