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Albert Scott Crossfield, Jr.,

I knew Scott a little. He was an advisor at the school I taught at. Great guy, sad day when he was lost with his 210.

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He was caught in the thunderstorm because ATC neglected to tell him in 19 opportunities. On take off, weather was clear for his journey. Weather took a dramatic turn. He checked in 19 times during his hour in the air, they cleared everyone but him out of the area. Slipped through the cracks. Worst level thunderstorm of all. UPS won’t fly through. His last transmission was “turning south due to weath…” it was cut off, his wings were torn off. He went in like a missile. I pray he didn’t know, he was unconscious, if not, he would have been pissed and looking for the back door that wouldn’t be there. He was coming home for his 63rd wedding anniversary.

I know. I am his daughter and I worked with NTSB. In the end it was ruled a wrongful death. I guess that wasn’t fancy enough to print.

That is a quote from his daughter......... Just another example of your government looking after us.
He owned a Super Cub. Rick Papp bought one from him and Scott signed it.

Here is Rick with his Crossfield signed super cub



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He was certainly an icon, and a good man. His biography “always another dawn” is a great book. Highly recommend.

Scott was a great pilot and a wonderful student. I know, I signed him off for his FAA instrument rating. I have a wonderful photo & and a letter from him after he passed his checkride. He was close to 80 I believe.

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