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Al 3, 11 and 18 differences?


Free America
Regarding the American Legend cubs, are there structural differences between the 3 models? Are they different than a standard 150HP Super Cub? In other words, can you put an O-320 on an AL3 or do they beef up the frame to accept larger/heavier engines? Thanks in advance.
Not a complete answer but I have seen an AL 3 advertised with an 0-360. I don’t know if it was E-LSA or EAB. The Texas Sport Kit which is the kit version of the AL3 is certified as a 51% kit and can be licensed as Experimental Amateur Built at 1650 GW as well as E-LSA at 1320 GW (1430 on floats).

AL3 and AL11 are exactly the same. I THINK AL18 is the same but not positive.