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Aircraft Spruce Alaska


Maybe it’s old news but I just heard. The new building on Palmer-Wasilla Hwy about 1/4 mile east of trunk is Spruce’s new building. 24,000 sq ft of airplane parts. They say the metals room alone is bigger than the current retail area. It’ll be a nice upgrade for Valley pilots.
Wow. Walking distance. Four Corners is getting some great additions. NAPA was big plus.

Perhaps they will begin to stock items now instead of consistently forcing me to order them.
They’re open in the old location. No date for the new one yet but they’re prepping to move. The counter with old parts in poured resin has already been moved.
Yes i knew they where open in old location but thanks.
More aircraft companies are going to move to the Wasilla valley from Anch soon also. YAHOO!!! 8) hahahahaaaa just a heads up.
The new store is open. They have yet to stock the front area but the counter is open for business.