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Acme black ops

You will have to call Stoddards and ask. If I remember right I got the whole thing tire/wheel/break for around 3,600 but that was special STC due soon deal. I know the price has gone up as always. That is the tires and rims I am talking about.
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Like ABW tire's pricing though, when ever anyone asks me "how much", and assuming they are a non pilot, I just tell them the price for ONE, and let them infer that's for both. That will still make them think you are crazy, to spend $1500.00 for a pair of shock absorbers....little do they know!

The price seems fair, for what they do.
Ya the grove wheels with 31" Desser tires was going to happen n July also. The have been in my hanger now waiting for 2 1/2 years. The crap that manufactures have to put up with to replace parts that came off car/truck/tractor is crazy.
DENNY, Be careful with what you are waiting for. Sometimes and often when an STC is issued, it is NOT retroactive to previously purchased parts. You will need confirmation from the STC holder.
Very good point. I have seen guys bit by that one in the past. I talked to the Seaplanes North guys, (they hold the STC) they did not have a problem using the parts I have. Desser is/was also working on on and said I would get a deal because they are the ones that pushed it so hard at the trade show. Seaplanes North did all the testing using a 31 in tire yet was only given the approval for 26 and 29 in so far. I have already had offers to buy them from experimental guys if I need to unload them.
I am wanting to make the change to AOSS for Santa's cub with extended heavy duty gear. Santa's cub will have the 2000 lb stc when it is finished.

Santa's AI called Burl's to find out what he would charge for the change in the STC if I could find a used set...$1500 for that STC.

I am reconsidering, considering this to be a bit excessive (plus my bungees are working just fine). What experience do you have for options other than Burl's?

He wants $3850 for a new set of AOSS shocks, and I am wanting to consider other options.

Talked to Matt who’s the owner. He said if the faa schedule is correct they should have the stc for the black ops 3 shocks, and tail stinger July 16. He also said tac aero will be a pma house with a program where you can send your pre stc’d shocks and they inspect/ update and leave with an stc.

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Sooooooooo...any words?

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Talked to Matt who’s the owner. He said if the faa schedule is correct they should have the stc for the black ops 3 shocks, and tail stinger July 16. He also said tac aero will be a pma house with a program where you can send your pre stc’d shocks and they inspect/ update and leave with an stc.

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I wanna kno also
Good evening everyone. We definitely appreciate all of the positive feedback around our products. I see a lot of questions pertaining to certifications. We are currently in the process of gaining an STC and PMA for our BlackOps shocks, Stinger tailwheel suspension, and gear legs.

We’ve compiled all of the baseline drop test data from bungees, all of the drop test data for the BlackOps, Stinger and gear legs and are currently finishing up a lot of the “paperwork” portion. Our engineers and DER seem to think we are a month or so out. I tend to be more conservative and think it’ll be mid-fall of this year. We have a huge meeting tomorrow to review timelines, outstanding needs, etc. I can definitely post here tomorrow once I have a better idea of what we lack to finish up.

Long story short...we are very close to having an STC for three different products. If anyone has any questions whatsoever please don’t hesitate to reach out at 704-496-9022 ext 2. We’d love to speak with you!
I’ve been pretty outspoken and critical of acme over the past few years. They’ve left a little bit of carnage in their wake on their way to developing a pretty solid product. And taking it a step further, seeking approval for use on certified aircraft, Considering the limited market and expense involved, no small feat!
We need innovators. My hats off to you guys for your dedication, persistence and hard work
I have the Black Ops on the front and the Acme stinger on the tail. Maybe along with my slats, adding those shocks were the single best up-grade I've made to my SQ. They're clean in flight and dampen extremely well. It's such a huge benefit to literally never bounce when landing on a rough strip or bank. And, I love that they don't seem to cause the airplane to "dart" if during a crosswind take off or, a rough roll out, they become unevenly loaded. I've heard other shocks can do that? Obviously, good technique will get you through with no shocks better that shocks will get you through with **** technique but, man..... my Acme shocks sure allow for some margin when the landings are on really rough terrain and there's no going around. I love them. I think people discuss performance a lot but, safety is a huge benefit in my humble opinion. Also, as pointed out above.... I like that if you ever had a blown seal, the spring will still get you outta there and home. I've heard of another pilot who had a different shock, landed (not even particularly hard) on a gravel island and one of his shocks failed. Lop sided and flat, he needed a new shock to be able to get his bird off that island. Sounded stressful as the river had a daily rise with melt water during the afternoon.....
With what Jeff S. mentioned on blowing a seal (Black Ops shock) and still being able to get home, would one still want/need to have safety cables?
I remember when Mick Capouch came to New Holstein for the first time with his wife, Rose, and they were sportin' bushwheels. When asked how she liked them she replied "Landing with those Bushwheels was like landing with two big pillows on my butt" ...or something to that effect.

Well, I'm not telling Santa this, but he has two pillows on his butt, too. Mrs. Claus is too sweet to concur...

AcmeAeroFab.... Any news on the black ops STC?


Update from Acme yesterday. "We are looking at having everything done with STC and PMA first quarter of 2021. We are in conformity testing and prescribed drop testing with the FAA now. Flight tests to follow and we will be all wrapped up."

The question was asking for an update on the black ops shocks and stinger certification.
I have a heavier SQ3 (PA-12 Fuselage with SQ2 Mods) and it always felt like the bungees bottomed out even just taxiing in grass. Then I installed the Acme Black Ops and cannot get over the difference. Huge fan! Have always been certified until this plane and can't stress how much the FAA stymies creativity with the whole relentless STC certification process. Eric & Matt @ ACME were great.
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