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A sticky question


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Hey All,

I have a question as you folks seem to be quite experienced in fabric coverings. Can I thin out "new super seam"? Gosh that stuff sets up fast!
Will MEK slow down the set up time of the glue? I am recovering the wings of my "Legal Eagle", using Ceconite unstamped fabric ect ect...I just finished the ailerons, and really had to move quick to get the fabric on before the glue set up...like 2-3 inches of surface at a time..I know you guys know a better way

Joe Nirmiaier, Somerset Wisconsin
Are you coating any metal (or wood) surfaces with glue first..? letting it set up, then using diluted glue to soak the fabric into it..? Used that method years ago and it really worked well for me.
Yes, coating the metal first, but I have not thinned the glue for the fabric, and I think that is where my problem lies. The aileron came out ok, but before I start on the wings I am going to try thinning.
Do you don't have the manual from Poly-Fiber/Randolph? It is a wealth of information no matter what system you are using. Cooler temps allow it to dry slower. I thin with MEK through out the glueing process because it evaporates out. Keep your glue pot covered with foil.
Steve, I do not have the book as of yet..going to order it from Aircraft Spruce before I go much further. I have read tons and tons of online articles on the subject, went out to my buddys hanger and asked around, but they didn't have much to offer. My old boss has restored a Howard 500 and an Albatross...his guys dont do fabric. Seems it it becoming a lost art!

Joe Nirmaier