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31s vs 35s

The Kid

Thompson Falls
I have some old 31s that are bias. I can easily run like 4 1/2 lbs in them. If I were to get a set of 35s, and they are radial which I think require a higher air pressure, can I run 4 1/2 in them or even lower? Am I going to have a way cushier landing with the radial 35s vs my bias 31s? They are lots of weight and money and I don't want to be "about the same" as I am now. Thoughts?
Not sure what you are asking, to be honest. I run Alaska Bush Wheel 35" tires on my Super Chub. I routinely adjust them between around 3 and up to 6-7 lbs, to suit where I think I'm going to land. I had 31's on my Husky and the 35's seem to absorb energy differently, particularly when operating with more weight in the plane. Not worse or better...just differently...they feel more sedate and I don't get the spin up/bouncy sensation I had with the 31's.

the 35's are heavier, they are slower in the air, but on rough rough ground, or big rocky areas they are pretty danged amazing. On pavement they are not difficult, but they wear pretty quick. Grass, dirt and off airport ops, they do a great job.

I wouldn't run the 35's on my old Husky, or a Super Cub, unless I was just gonna be full time off in the ugly. 31's worked great for me for years.
the 35"s are nicer to be able to stand on to put gas in the wing.

The 35's are cushier I think, but maybe that's just my wishful thinking though at the same tire pressures, it's all pretty relative. My bigger happy is the 10" wheels and big brakes.

I like the big tires, The wider footprint gives alot more flotation on softer surfaces like sand and muddier stuff. Not sure I really need them...but I do like them and a couple times on deep wet vegetation, they have provided options I think the 31's would have struggled with a bit.

Dave, I’ve got a brand new, never mounted set of 10” Airframes wheels I’d sell at a steep discount. Also a 2nd set of Cleveland brake discs I’d sell. I was going to drill them to lighten them up.
With todays new shock systems AMCE/TK1/TiSHX a set of 31 inch Bushwheels properly inflated for the landing/takeoff very few landing places would require 35 in Bushwheels. I ran 35's for the first time last summer and fall I went to the brooks and with 5 gal of water in the back of the extended baggage/fuel/camp I landed in stuff I never would before. Lot better prop clearance but a very heavy tail. If you get the lightweight 10 inch wheel and trade out a set of 31 inch heavy tread tires the weight increase for 35" is only around 23 lbs. takes some time to get used to them (I still need a lot more landings landings to really make them work properly) I usually kept them at 8 psi because it is easier to push around. I know some guys run them a lot lower. I just took off my skis and went back to the 31's it took 5 landings to get back into the groove. If what you are looking for is just a soft ride put the money in shocks and stick with the 31's at 3-4 psi. I am going to keep the 35's for the day when I might need to go to unknown or extremely rough strips nothing to do with a soft landing. On a side note 1 1/4 brakes will lock up a 35 in Bushwheel with no problem. No right or wrong just things to ponder.
I have run 35s down to 2.5 lbs no problem. 35s have a lot softer sidewall than a 31 because there is no issue with the tire contacting the brake caliper. 10" wheel and 6" brake disc.

Call me or email me privately if you know how. I don't know how to access that info for you( only went to the 3rd grade you know)
One other difference I noticed and a few other local pilots noted was the 35's had a different feedback the ground (most likely the softer sidewall that Steve Mentioned. Kind of felt like you had landed on some slick mud, or that feeling you get when your car tire gets a slow leak and gos down to 15 psi before you notice it. Made me a bit uneasy at first thinking I might loose some control but they held just fine which was the reports from the other pilots also. I did not notice it so much at the end of the summer but I was running 8 psi then.