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2024 Valdez Fly In

Hi All
I am a little late posting here for the fly in.
I will send Steve the schedule so that can be posted. Weather looks rainy for the weekend but forecasts are changing frequently. The NWS has Thompson Pass in the Valdez forecast area so they frequently erroneously predict snow and temps are 10 degrees colder than in Valdez. I find Accuweather to be more accurate for Valdez. I wouldn't bother with sunscreen but I think you can leave the snowsuit at home as well. The weather cams are a good resource to use, especially for the pass. Please do not push the weather beyond your comfort.

The Red Bull Carbon Cub is here and Lukas made it in from Poland as well (separate events, as that would be an epic cub flight). Frank Knapp and Dan Reynolds are here as well.

We will be having our hangar barbecue Friday at 6:30 if you make it to town please stop by. I will try to post updates to the schedule when possible. If you have questions you can text me at 907-831-0058 and I will respond when able.
Here are the results for 2024.

The winds were basically calm this year.
Dan Reynolds and Lukas Stutzer had mechanicals. Cache volunteered to go into the experimental Bush class to have some people to fly against.