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2024 New Holstein Taildragger Flyin Thursday, July 18 through Tuesday, July 23!


Lino Lakes MN (MY18)
Well, friends, we are a little over 6 weeks away from the 2024 New Holstein Taildragger Flyin! Registration will open next Wednesday, June 5, so please visit www.FONHA.org next week to view details of the event.

We had a meeting of the Friends of the New Holstein Airport and we are pretty darned excited about this years event. New this year will be a Flyin to the Nicolet Airport (88WI), located just east of Green Bay. The kind folks at this private airport reached out to us and are excited to host us for lunch on Friday, July 19! We are going to mix things up a little bit more and take in the Annual Lions Club Fly-In Whitefish Boil at Washington Island on Saturday, July 20 (we thought it time to give the Klessig cows a break this year :)). We will once again give back to the New Holstein community by contributing to the Young Eagle Rally on Sunday morning, July 21, as well as the famous New Holstein STOL Exhibition on that Sunday afternoon. Of course, we will once again fill up a bus with aviators on Monday, July 22, the annual pilgrimage to AirVenture!

Oh, yes, some big news at the New Holstein Airport (8D1)! The fuel pod has been modified to permit bulk purchasing of fuel, making fuel purchases much more affordable (check out Foreflight...8D1 has the lowest prices in the area!)

What about the annual thunderstorms and gale-force winds? They will likely be back, but Wowzer...we are prepared to weather the storms thanks to the new rollup doors that we purchased for the event! The doors will be installed in late June and we are hoping that by merely erecting these doors the storms will simply give up and go around New Holstein!

What about Ice Cream, you ask??? Yes, we will be having dinners early enough each night to permit flights to Kelley's Country Creamery...and you don't want to miss desert each evening at this amazing venue!

Please put this event on your calendars, folks! We look forward to seeing you there to celebrate our Taildragger Family Reunion once again!

Randy the Shooter
Check out the Washington Island Fish Boil!


Washington Island’s Lions Club knows how to throw a party. The annual Fly-In Whitefish Boil is not only a great time – it’s also the Island Lions Club’s biggest annual fundraiser.

In previous years the hard earned, or rather, hard-boiled funds have been used to create scholarships for local students, install a new bathroom, running water, and showers at Schoolhouse Beach, and to upgrade the Island dentist’s clinic – a ticket of $30,000 in itself. These improvements are valuable to tourists and vacationers, especially the Schoolhouse Beach enhancements, but even more valuable to the residents of the island. “The money pretty much stays on the Island,” says Greg Gaura, a Washington Island resident and Lions Club member.

In 2010, 140 planes flew in to Washington Island’s airport to enjoy a time-honored Door County tradition. This year, with Pilots of America planning to join in again, the attendance is expected to grow. For those of us flightless, don’t be discouraged: the annual Fly-In welcomes Boat-Ins, Drive-Ins, and Walk-Ins as well!

We think this will add a new dimension to our Flyouts, and our participation will help support the fund raising for the Washington Island Lions Club, and hope you will join us for the beautiful flight to 2P2 on Saturday, July 20!

Randy the Shooter
Registered yesterday, but pay portal doesn’t seem to be up yet. will keep checking.
Registered yesterday, but pay portal doesn’t seem to be up yet. will keep checking.
I just registered and had an issue with link from registration page. I went back to main page and used the link to the pay portal and that worked.
Got it to work now.

The plan is to arrive Thursday, but doesn’t look like they will have dinner up and running yet. I bumped a message to fonha.org to see what they recommend. will anyone else be there Thursday looking for food?

edit: looks like there is indeed a dinner at Altona supper club. good news indeed.
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Got it to work now.

The plan is to arrive Thursday, but doesn’t look like they will have dinner up and running yet. I bumped a message to fonha.org to see what they recommend. will anyone else be there Thursday looking for food?

edit: looks like there is indeed a dinner at Altona supper club. good news indeed.
We've thought that through!!! We will be transporting campers to the World Famous Meat-lovers Buffet @ Altona Supper Club! That is listed at https://www.fonha.org/flyin. We surely don't want anyone to starve at THIS Flyin event!!

Randy the shooter
Coming soon...

You don't have a belly pod for your aircraft. You don't have enough room to stow that Taj Mahal tent, your extra-cushy inflatable waterbed, your super fluffy pillow and your wardrobe of tee shirts and zipoff pants...Yet you want to fly to New Holstein and join the Supercub/Taildragger faithful family? No Sweat!

We are making arrangements for you to put your stuff into a large 3 mil garbage bag, stuff it into a nice, sturdy shipping box, tape it up reeeaal good, slap a label on that puppy and ship it via UPS to the New Holstein Airport/attn Perry Welch! Make sure it arrives well before YOU intend to arrive and, Lord Have Mercy, you can just fly old Betsy to to 8D1, park your magic carpet ride at the camping site of choice and use one of the mules to get your shipment, haul it over to your campsite and SET UP CAMP! The boxes will be saved at the FBO for you to do the reverse, slap on a return label and head on home when the event has concluded!

We are working out the details, but thus far it looks promising.

We hope to see you at 8D1! Don't forget to register at www.fonha.org and don't forget to pay!

Randy the shooter
We are in need of pilots and their aircraft for giving Young Eagle rides at New Holstein. Please take a moment and sign up for doing so, and take a moment to make sure you have a current Youth Protection Certificate.
Please visit www.fonha.org and click on the Young Eagles registration at the top of the page.

Many thanks, friends! You know how important this is to the New Holstein community.

Thank you.

Yes he is! "Don't bite the hand that feeds you!!"
FedEx would/could always become a premium event sponsor and gain shipping exclusives to what has become the most iconic aviation event of all time located in-between Lakes Winnebago and Michigan! Come on Lou think of the opportunities we've got garage doors and everything, get those strings pulled!
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Whatever means you choose to ship, here is the shipping address!

Welch's Aviation Services LLC
3015 Wisconsin Ave
New Holstein, WI 53061
Attn: Perry Welch

See you soon!

Randy the shooter
Movie nights, you ask? What premium movies will be shown, thanks to the skills and kindness of Ron Sitzman? Well, the Select New Holstein Movie Committee, after exhaustive research, has decided upon one aviation movie and one classic movie!

Aviation Movie: Blue Angels. This was just released a few months ago, featuring the inner workings of the Navy's Blue Angel aerobatic team, led by Brian Kesselring. I've seen it and it is a truly exceptional documentary. As it turns out my dear friend, Mike Wiskus, when he was an airshow performer for Lucas Oil, flew several airshows with the Blue Angels, and is a long time friend of Brian Kesselring. Mike is now a regional distributor and factory representative for Aviat Husky, who are proud sponsors of the New Holstein Taildragger Flyin. He will be displaying a Husky at our event this year! Welcome, Mike, and thanks, Aviat!

Classic Movie: Blazing Saddles. This politically incorrect movie is a classic, with humor that is exceptional. It was a unanimous choice of the Committee.

We will have freshly made popcorn again this year, and will be held in the hangar, well away from the beating wings of the mosquitoes!

If you haven't registered yet, please do so at www.fonha.org. Please note that due to a quirk of our software you need to register and go to a different page to pay.

See you in a week!

Randy the shooter
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To ensure the thread waivers, UPS is a wonderful choice, but I'm biased as well. Mother Brown keeps me in groceries. In my experience, FedEx vs UPS will depend on the local folks. Best of luck with the fly-in.
Folks, the report from Perry Welch, Airport Manager Extraordinaire, is that it is pretty soggy. He encourages campers to bring along footwear that is waterproof, if you can.

The determination as to when we can have Recreational Vehicles parking in the usual places will be made day by day. At this point we anticipate it being Friday before we will be able to park over by the pavilion. RVs will be parked over by the FBO until we know significant ruts will be minimized. Mother Nature is at it again.

Any good news, you ask? Yes, we may not face any storms this year! Temps will be relatively cool and the nights will bring great sleeping temps!

Randy the shooter
Thanks for considering being a part of the 2024 New Holstein STOL exhibition, to be held on Sunday, July 21, 2022 as a part of the New Holstein Airport Day! We appreciate your participation, as does the New Holstein community.

While we are very proud of the fact that we have enjoyed entirely accident-free STOL events at New Holstein. This year we will be making a few changes in order to make the event even safer and supportive of the New Holstein Taildragger Flyin.

First, in order to qualify for the event it will be required to participate by purchasing at least one night’s camping pass ($35). Registering for this can easily be accomplished by visiting www.fonha.org, clicking on “Registering Required.”

Second, the mandatory pilot briefing will be held at 1:00 p.m., in preparation for the STOL event which begins at 2:00 p.m.

Lastly, in order to decrease the size of the traffic jam we often experience from last-minute registrations, please note that the deadline for registering for the STOL event is 12:00 noon, Saturday, July 20, 2024.
We're planning to fly in from Washington state, leaving Thursday and probably arriving Sat or Sun, but of course weather will have a say.

So - is there a registration deadline? I don't see one listed on the registration page.
Hey! I have flown that J-5 N28143.... 60 years ago. It has the firewall forward from a PA-12.
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