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2024 Moose Hunt Help

Paul Heinrich

Illinois & Wisconsin
I would like to gift a friend and his wife a moose hunt in Alaska in 2024.

I got my own trophy 30 years ago rafting near the Mulchatna after being flown in from Iliamna.

He is a fishing guide in Wisconsin and his wife is an experienced camper/hunter, but is recovering from a brain tumor and back surgery, so the less rigorous the trip the better. I was thinking a fly in fly out setup would be easier for them. Do I contact a pilot, a licensed guide, or someone who wears both hats?

Any referrals/suggestions on who to contact, who/what to avoid, or where to hunt would be appreciated. Thanks.

PM me you contact number and I’ll get a reputable guide in that area to call you. For some reason this new website isn’t allowing me the option on my iPad.
Moose hunt

IMG_7071.jpgMoosehunt September 1 opening morning north west territory my son guided the American hunter with horse .they are 100 miles south of the artic circle. Guide has hat on


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