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160 hp for PA-12?


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What does it take to upgrade an O-320-A2B to 160 hp? Is the A2B convertible (narrow deck, wide deck, etc.), and can you do that on a PA-12?

Who has the engine STC for the 160 conversion (Lycon?) and, if there is one, who holds the STC for the 160 hp on the PA-12?

Separate question: Anyone know whether there is an STC for a TO-320 for a PA-12? The engine apparently makes 180 hp.

Separate/separate question: If you have a TO-320 "turbo normalized" to 160 hp, does that fit into a 160 hp STC?

I'm starting to think STC stands for "Shut The Checkbook, and just go back to flying what you already have!"
Suitcase full of:

I bet there is a legal 160 for the -12.

It does not matter what hp. and engine develops, if the specific engine model and sometimes serial number are not on an STC, you are going to start from scratch...
Sea Airmotive in Anchorage used to have the STC to convert 0320s to 160hp. Mine was done that way. An A2B legally becomes a B2B with an amended data plate. You can use Lycoming TC data and do the HP increase yourself, too. Not everyone agrees with that procedure. That's a discussion to have with your mechanic. In either case the only installation STC I know of for 160hp in a -12 is Crosswinds, which is what I have. There's a lot more to the conversion than upping your engine HP. New motor mount, cowl, air box, etc., etc. Some guys have field approvals for increasing their Kenmore 150hp to 160 but that's getting more difficult to accomplish from what I've heard and read. The Kenmore STC currently is very specific to engine models, as is the Crosswinds STC. If your Kenmore 150hp STC (that's what you have, right) is older and does not incorporate the specific engine specifications (just states "0-320") you may have a gray area to rationalize the 160hp. Legal? Maybe. Not legal? Maybe. That's up to your mechanic. As for turbo applications? never heard of one. Maybe a turbo company like RayJay has one for adding a turbo but there's no conversion I know of for installing a turbo'd motor. Crosswinds and Univair both offer 180hp (0-360) STCs but whether you could get a different engine approved with a deviation to those STCs? Ask your mechanic.
Thanks, SB. I know a number of guys who have the 160 in their -18s, but wasn't sure what it would take to do it on a -12. Your post gives me a lot of food for thought. If and when the time comes, I may just stick with the stock 150 jugs if it is too much money and trouble to upgrade.

The turbo question was purely a flyer--I know someone who knows someone who has a turboed O-320 for sale fairly cheap.
The turbo question was purely a flyer--I know someone who knows someone who has a turboed O-320 for sale fairly cheap.
One very important thing to think about if you were to consider a turbo, weight and balance. A turbo with all it associated parts makes for a lot of extra weight and maintenance under the cowl. This will off set the additional horsepower. If you wanted 180 horsepower the better route would be to use a non-turboed engine.
Used to do it on a field approval. You could convert the A2B to B2B by using the Parts book and Service Bulletins Letters etc. on a 337 then get the installation approved by FAA. The only reason you needed the Field Approval was because you were going from 80 octane to 100 octane and needed a Flight manual change which the local FAA would send off to wherever to get stamped. I did a couple 18's this way, way back when.

You might PM Flip Flop and see if it can still be done or if the FAA has put the screws to it.