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150h exhaust manifold


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Just got word of my (first) annual inspection on my PA-18.

"The nice man" said it's in fine shape, except for the fabric (I knew that) and the right hand (#1&2 cyl) exhaust manifold is leaking. He says it's been welded before & is not likely to hold up to being fixed again. New one is US$450+ so I'm looking for a serviceable used one. Is this possible? Where's a good place to look? How do I make a hands-off buying decision? Do I haft'a buy a newie (& go without beer for 2 weeks)?
Somebody help me!
Last week a complete exhaust set up sold on ebay for I think 430.00. I thought about it because I needed a new muffle. It had 400 hours on the stacks and muffle heat muffs. I went with a new H.D. muffle from Atlee Dodge 425.00 I think I should have bought the complete set on ebay but who knows how much higher the price would have ended if I started bidding. Good luck Mark
I've got a muffler and headers from an O-320-B3B that I'd be happy to sell. The muffler is approx 600 TIS, one header is approx 200 TIS, not sure of the TIS for the other one.
Thanks guys,

TeeWeed, why the hell didn't you tell me that LAST week? :)

12-Pilot, tell me how much for the rightside iron,
and shipping to V0L 1R0, BC Canada?