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Thread: Wet wing expert for reseal?

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    Wet wing expert for reseal?

    My 1979 185 is going to need the leaking wet wing issue addressed. Post here:

    It is not bad but may as well fix it now rather than wait.

    My question is twofold:
    1. Should I let my skywagon mechanic take a stab at fixing it or take it to a wetwing expert. He is very experienced with skywagons (works almost exclusively on them) and seems to think he can do it- but most skywagons are bladders so…
    2. If i need to take it to a wet wing expert is there anyone near the Pacific Northwest?

    I am just not sure if a failed fix attempt is going to make the next person less able to resolve it. Does it make sense to just bite the bullet and fly the plane to the specialist with the added time/cost?

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    I had a 1976 Turbo 210 for 19 years, and in my experience, Cessna wet wings are great compared to Mooneys, which are a huge matter. They need total resealing much more often than Cessnas. My observation is that Cessna used just the right amount of sealant so that it doesn't have large layers that become brittle and separate from the structure as occurred in my Mooney. An occasional localized fix is common in a Cessna wing. I would have your 185 guy take care of the problem and move on. Not a huge matter.
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    I’ve done 182 wet wing repairs before. It’s not that hard to do for a competent mechanic. Biggest PITA is de-fueling. I would just let your mechanic patch it.

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