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Thread: Custer Park Airport Faces Closure

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    Custer Park Airport Faces Closure

    If you're having trouble viewing this email, you may see it online

    Custer State Park Airport Faces Closure
    Commenting Deadline is Sept. 29
    to keep it open for public use. This airport is a valuable recreational asset worth saving. It lies within Custer State Park’s 71,000 acre wonderland in the Black Hills. The Park offers camping, hiking, biking, swimming, fishing, or relaxing. Click here for Park information.

    The airport is walking distance to the park's Wildlife Loop Road, a fantastic place to view wildlife. Other natural attractions nearby are Wind Cave National Park, 20 minutes by car, and within an hour’s drive, you can explore Mount Rushmore National Memorial, Jewel Cave Monument, and Crazy Horse Memorial.
    The South Dakota Game, Fish and Parks Commission is faced with closing this airport due to maintenance costs.
    The Commission seeks public input on the future of this airport.

    TIME IS OF THE ESSENCE – Comments must be submitted by September 29. Please take a moment now to support the preservation of Custer State Park Airport, 3V0. Here’s how —
    Simply use this link to submit your comment by Sept. 29. Include your full name and city of residence.
    Please comment in your own words. Here are talking points:

    • I/We wish to go on record as supporting the preservation of Custer State Park Airport, 3V0.
    • Recreational aviation is a growing segment of General Aviation.
    • At 4,000 feet long, Custer State Park Airport is within safety parameters for a wide variety of aircraft, not limited to “bush” type aircraft – whether paved or turf.
    • I/We understand the potential burden to the Commission, and encourage you to explore cooperative alternatives to preserve this recreational asset. For example, the Recreational Aviation Foundation has grant money and volunteers for projects that qualify.
    • Recreational airports in other states have benefitted from successful public/private partnerships for preservation and maintenance.
    • Custer State Park Airport provides dispersed access to the Park, and reduces congestion at nearby Custer County Airport. While remaining feasible for firefighting, S&R, and life-flight missions, the continuation of Custer State Park in no way would diminish the need for services provided at the Custer County Airport. In fact, preserving this recreational asset would likely be an economic boost to the County airport.
    • This airport provides an additional location for land oversight, and a safe landing place in the event a pilot encounters mechanical problems or weather hazards.
    • This asset has proven to be a suitable and desirable location for star-gazing. Its proximity to camping is very desirable.

    Your comments count.
    Thank you for helping preserve Custer State Park Airport!
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    Comments submitted . Thanks for letting us know .
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