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Thread: Tail Link - Liner

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    Tail Link - Liner

    My Parts Manual calls out the "Link" as part number 14180-02. I did an internet search of the P/N expecting to find numerous options to buy but there was NOTHING popping up. I finally brought up Univair's website and searched the number and their own unique number came up for it. I also searched their site for the 86062-80 Liner and noticed their's is un-drilled. Is that how the liner tube comes, un-drilled?
    So, my question is, where do y'all recommend that I buy the link and liner and is there another P/N that I'm unaware of (Not shown in the Parts Manual)?
    Thanks in advance.

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    The liner is precision ground and chromed. Univair or Dakota Cub.
    If Experimental, try Javron.

    They come undrilled.
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    All the stabs were hand drilled on the airplane.
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