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Thread: Replacing Broken Elevator

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    Replacing Broken Elevator

    Hi, all. I've got a -12 with a -18 tail. Unfortunately, just discovered the main support tube on the LH elevator has broken clear through just outboard of the hinge/stabilizer attach point and needs to be replaced (forgive my phraseology). Discovered the issue on the ground before flying, thank goodness.

    So, I'm reaching out to the hive mind to get your thoughts on whether I should save some pennies and try to find a serviceable LH elevator assembly or should I get a new one? If used, should I pay a few extra for a covered elevator or will I just need to tear off the fabric to inspect it anyway?

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    Why did it break? Rusty inside? Hit something?
    If the tubing is in otherwise good condition, it can be repaired with an inside splice. If the tubing is in bad condition, just replace the one tube. Or spend some $$$$

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    If you can find a good one already covered I'd go with that route. Unless you are set up with all the supplies etc to cover/finish one... my opinion is that it is not worth gearing up just for one feather. Check with the local cub mechanics they can probably help.
    I have removed and stripped cover off three flying cubs (tail feathers) to discover most pieces swiss cheesed, with a few that could have been used after some welding/blasting/priming/painting.
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    What part of ND are you in? I’m by Fargo and can probably get you fixed up.

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