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Thread: Pa-11 Engine mount problem

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    Pa-11 Engine mount problem

    I recently bought a experimental Pa-11 with a O-200A on the preinspection the lower lord mounts looked worn out after replacing they still didn't look right the lower mounts seem to be around 3/16 s off from lining up is this normal. If not can someone tell me the center to center measurements of to top mount to bottom mount. First pic is new mount installed 2nd Pic is old mount.
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    No itís not normal. You should do a good visual inspection for bent tubes. Is the engine mount Piper stock or homemade or no idea? Did you install a new mount or just change the rubber vibration isolators? I might have a NOS mount in the hanger. Iíll look.
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    Relax the weight of the engine weight with an engine hoist and determine if everything lines up properly. Sounds like a misaligned mount but it is hard to see the new mounts in the first picture.
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    New mount:
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    The engine mount was custom made with zero thrust line like a J3 with heavier tubing for the O-200 . It was made by Aero fabricaters Inc around 2011. Both bottom mounts are misaligned. Thanks for all replies!
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    It appears the top mounts line up with the engine mount bosses and the lower mounts don't. The mount needs to be jigged, then cut and welded to fit properly. Unfortunately, that's not unusual from Aero Fabricators.

    You just hit the nail on the head. It was made by Aero Fabricators. I've never bought anything from them yet that was usable without cutting it apart and re-welding back to spec. The Dynafocal mount I bought from them for my SC Clone had 10į nose down and was built as a mirror image from the plan. I cut it apart and welded it back together to build to spec. The "stock" SC exhaust I bought from them was so far out of whack it was impossible to actually bolt it up to the cylinders. That went back for a refund. Their welding seemed to be acceptable, but their jigging is terrible, or non-existent.

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    Wagaero/aero fabricators, almost just right or years

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