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Thread: Maggie Aircraft Ignition Harnesses

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    Maggie Aircraft Ignition Harnesses

    One of the members on posted about Maggie Aircraft Harnesses so I went down a rabbit hole at lunch today and read everything on the website and watched all their videos. I am impressed. Features that fix problems with legacy ignition harnesses and no special tools need to replace a single lead later on down the road. Has anyone used their harnesses?
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    That’s who the Surefly folks recommend if I remember right. Maggie made the harnesses that Aircraft Ignition Services in NE Tx sold when going to a Surefly.
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    i have these harnesses on my Maule. Was suggested by Aircraft Ignition Service in Honey Grove when I had mags done. Quality with good features like you mentioned. If ya wanna see in person holler at me.

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    Thanks. I am going to check. I really dislike the standard harnesses, designed to fit all Cont/Lyc engines. Looks like a spaghetti factory.
    I have learned how to successfully shorten the wires that come with mag kits, and actually like the modern wires better than the Packard 440, but have not found a source for the wire without the ends.
    I do my own with the Packard 440, but am running short of ferrules.

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