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Thread: Cub crafters simplified fuel stc

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    Quote Originally Posted by JohnnyR View Post
    With the Dakota headerless, one valve system, do you recommend a crossover vent tube or do you feel the vented caps on each tank are adequate? This is for the Atlee 30.5g tanks with pickups front and rear on both.
    Everything I do is certified. A certified system requires the vent between the two tanks along with the vented caps. Certified Top Cubs and X Cubs have a vent between the two and an external vent under the wing like a Cessna. Speaking of Cessna's, they have a vent tube between the tanks as well. Nothing new and it is fool proof.
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    Quote Originally Posted by skywagon8a View Post
    My E-AB Cub has a single Left-Right-Both-Off valve, no header tanks, dual tank outlets, 24 gallon tanks, snorkel vented caps and no cross vent line.
    Same as the CubCrafters FX-3 and EX-3 and probably other versions of the Carbon Cub. One issue I have with the system is fuel spillage from the filler cap vent tubes when the tanks anywhere near full. I love to slip but seldom do in the FX-3 because the flaps are adequate and I hate the fuel stains on the wings.

    Another issue that will depend on installation detail, and how rogorously you test, is unusable fuel. It's 5 gals on the FX-3. Despite what some people think, FAA unusable fuel is not the fuel left in the tanks if you drain them in level flight attitude.

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