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Thread: Florida Hurricane Ian Victims

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    Florida Hurricane Ian Victims

    For Florida cubbers, if you need a place to get things sorted out, I got you in KHDC.

    When everything is going wrong, and the world is bearing down on you.......GO FULL THROTTLE!!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bayou Navigator View Post
    For Florida cubbers, if you need a place to get things sorted out, I got you in KHDC.

    Very kind of you, indeed.

    If you know of someone going through that nightmare right now this might help:

    Here's what worked for me and my advice based on that (I didn't even have a wallet to ID myself with after a storm):

    1. Contact your insurance company: first thing - if you have no papers left, give the address of your home, and any personal info you have to ID yourself to the agent and find out if a claims adjustor/agent is near.

    2. Contact the Red Cross: this could be #1 depending on your situation. Find out where their station is (usually in the Coast Guard or Community Center if standing - ask people - critical you get to it). How it works is they will interview you - if you had a house they'll want to know how many people in the house: they are assessing by this question how many beds do you need, how many cooking appliances, refrigerator, etc. to get by for the immediate future. They'll give you a voucher to get these items to make your abode livable. If you don't have a livable situation, they'll get you accommodations in the here and now. Don't be deterred if there's a long line - make sure you stay in it and get interviewed - tomorrow there will be a longer line.

    3. Contact FEMA to get construction monies or loans or ??? to repair your home. Lots of forms to fill out but there is an office near right now and critical you get that paperwork done once the rescues stop. FEMA is very slow, but eventually, they will come through with some (limited) help. The number of people you told the Red Cross you needed help for is probably the amount of house they'll help repair (this was the case in my time) and of course they're dealing with your insurance company adjustment as well.

    Of the 3: the Red Cross (gets funding from the feds to do this) is the most immediate relief. They get things done right now. If meals or immediate shelter is needed - get people to them first.

    Insurance company: you've got to contact them and get your insurance numbers and have contacted them for your interview with FEMA to work.

    Anyone on the forum right now reading this doesn't need this info - but there's a good chance you know someone that has someone down there that does. When the time is right, explain this to them - there's only a matter of weeks to apply for some of this stuff after the rescues stop and a lot of people are too much in shock to even think about it. Once the offices close - virtually impossible to get a claim going.

    Good luck to all involved.

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