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Thread: Welding with fabric

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    Welding with fabric

    Is there a welding technique that would allow you to weld in tabs for mounting panels on a fuselage that has fabric on it?

    How would you keep the tubes cool enough?

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    Which tubes?
    what panels?
    photo of area in question?
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    I had to re-weld the tail on a Stinson about a half century ago in the field. We bought some duct tape and a whole bunch of aerosol shaving cream, cut the fabric back about 6" and borrowed an oxy acetylene rig. Halfway to Steamboat. Had to do it again halfway back, then rebuilt the whole thing with new tailwheel when we got home.

    I think I would skip the tabs and just recover when you need to get in the belly.

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    I've done it, with Grade A, to install flap handle - - Mouthful of water and a bunch more water very close by! Probably wouldn't want to do that again though. That was long ago when - well - you know how that can go.

    N4328M KTDO
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    Like for interior panels? AN742 tube clamps with Tinnermans or floating nut plates as needed.
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    Problem is slow cooling is best and I wouldn't do anything structural. But in a pinch mig or tig will focus the heat in one area and a tack can be placed without building too much heat. Tig will throw less sparks. Tack - let cool - tack.
    But still - good luck.

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    If the tab is on the inside of the tube just slide a welding cloth between tube and fabric. Use Tig you should not have a issue if you tack then only do short welds. If you don't Tig weld go find someone that does. You can bend a tab and drill a hole in it then weld the hole to the tube like a spot weld also.

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    Adel clamps and call it good. Put tabs on next time you recover.
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