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Thread: Field Approvals - is there an appeals process?

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    Field Approvals - is there an appeals process?

    I always do a comparison of weight and speed of the aircraft they are already approved on and the subject aircraft I sighted weight and slower speed then certification by similarity is possible. Most wheels and brakes are TSO so they already have shown a minimum design standard. Sandy at Parker will often supply drawings that show maximum weight a given wheel is certified to, and provide the heat ability of the brake to convert velocity to heat. The other thing to look at is what the certification requirement for brakes are. Under aero bill 7a there is no requirement for brakes. Early versions of CAR 4 only required brakes with sufficient to hold the airplane still while doing your run up.

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    I could only find a requirement for brakes in CAR 4a under transport.

    I now have duplicate hard copy of almost everything imaginable - axial and radial loads, kinetic energy dissipation, torques, min/max assembly dimensions, part numbers, bleeding and conditioning, dimensions of Piper gear leg - and have requested a meeting.

    I might print up my excerpts from guidance documents (about triple what I posted above) and take them with me. But I always get lost in a big pile of paper.

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    I'd make a brief one page executive summary of your substantiation. A simple list with numbered links to attached documents. Makes it easy going in for them and starts a dialog.

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