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Thread: Cheat Island (again)

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    Cheat Island (again)

    I don’t know if Dave Graybill is a member, but he has created a wonderful 3-runway airfield on the Cheat River just south of Fowlesburg WV.

    I believe two years ago he reached out to John Graham about having a fly-in, and we had the first one there in conjunction with the WAD South / Greenville PA event. Then they did it again the second Greenville PA event, but that wasn’t enough for Dave, so he started scheduling them twice a year.

    Because he loves the flying community.

    This spring weekend was hampered by weather (particularly east) coming and going, but a few of us made it and had a great time.

    More so, we enjoyed the property, the fabulous food, drink and hospitality that Dave is becoming known for.

    If you get a chance to fly in someday, you too will meet a great couple that give all and expect nothing.

    Here’s a little video of my Friday-Saturday.

    Transmitted from my FlightPhone on fingers…

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    just sent you a PM

    Rich G

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