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Thread: Long term storage (3-6 months) tips

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    Question Long term storage (3-6 months) tips

    I travel in my motorhome several months each year and this is my first year with my FX-3. Soon I'll be taking off in the motorhome to Oshkosh/AirVenture and further west and am curious of any tips I should know to best care for an airplane sitting in the hangar. For example, should I jack the gear up so the tires are off the ground? Remove the wheels and let it rest on blocks? Anything regarding the engine? Disconnect the starter battery or leave it on a maintainer?

    Thank you.

    Edit: Starter battery is a new SBS-J16
    Tires: 31" Bushwheels
    Oil: 15W50
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    I would remove the battery from the aircraft and store it on a non conductive surface. The maintainer is a good idea but it's best to have it programmed to come on for a few hours at a time. This time may be dictated by the type and size of the battery, i.e. ask the manufacturer. If you have windows in the hanger, I'd cover the instrument panel to shade it from direct sunlight. Web
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    The Bushwheels should be stored at full pressure as long as they are on the rims. If yours tend to leak down (nature of the beast) have someone check on them. Staying on the plane should not be a problem as long as they are at full pressure. Drain the oil/change filter and add pickling oil. Run for a few min to circulate. Battery as Web says. DENNY
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