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Thread: Lycoming vacuum pump drive

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    Lycoming vacuum pump drive

    Hello all,
    Looking for a Lycoming vacuum pump drive adapter and gear assy, can be as removed, preferably low to mid time as it’s going on a low time IO-360. I’ve done the p/n research and Lycoming used this drive on a huge number of engines, O-320, IO-320, O-360, IO-360, etc on up to the 540s and probably the 720 as well.
    Hopefully someone out there has one they pulled off when they did away with their vac pump system and went to electronic instruments etc.
    Im installing a B&C direct drive alternator that mounts and is driven off the vac pump pad but the engine I got with my project has had that drive deleted.
    If it helps…P/Ns. Drive adapter assy- 61098
    Gear assy- 72970
    Thanks in advance for any help I can get on this.

    Mike Osborne
    Fairbanks AK

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    I have one Mike.
    Steve Pierce

    Everybody is ignorant, only on different subjects.
    Will Rogers

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    Thanks to all that responded, PMs sent, problem solved. Gotta love this forum!

    Mike “Oz”

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