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Thread: Best prop pitch for C85 with stroker

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    Best prop pitch for C85 with stroker

    Wondering about prop recommendations for a C85 Stroker. The existing prop is a 74-46 Sensenich. Would it be worth re-pitching?

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    Depends. What's your static rpm noted by an accurate device? Is it within the airframe manufacturer's limits? What's the inflight maximum rpm again observed with an accurate tach? I prefer a Sen 76AK-2-40 to 42 for my Taylorcraft C85 Stroker (it's now at 40 from a previous 42). It will turn about 2600 in flight slightly over redline but that's controllable.

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    all of it - you want to make maximum static rpm according to the TCDS limitations and be able to achieve redline on climb out. The metal sensenich is the best one for the C-85 on the J3 anyway. You didn't say what airframe - read your type cert to see what your limitations and prop options are - then talk to your prop shop if you aren't making what you paid for.

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    An AK 76-2 is 74" and pitched to a 40 works well

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    Sea level guy here - I just use a wood 72/42, and get delightful performance. When I want to see 1300 fpm, I get the Super Decathlon out for a spin.

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