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Thread: AOSS Struts: Installation Tips?

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    AOSS Struts: Installation Tips?

    I recently purchased a set of new AOSS struts, and Grant Wallace will soon install these. I understand that there is some adjustments which need to be made to gain the correct angles when the weight of the aircraft is applied to the landing gear. This apparently can be achieved in a number of ways, including lowering the aircraft multiple times and rolling the wheels so as to permit the gear to "splay". Kirby Crowe shared with me his experience with his C185 when he replaced the tires and adjusted his gear. He indicates that the Cessna manual calls for making a "sandwich" of silicone grease between two pieces of sheet metal and placing these under the wheels while the aircraft is suspended. The aircraft is lowered (multiple times) onto the devices, with the metal sheets sliding to permit proper rigging of the gear.

    Would those of you who have installed the AOSS system share any tips you might have for accomplishing this? We would appreciate your input.



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    It is pretty simple. Once they are on the plane just roll it straight forward or back for a ways (you will have to go out of the hanger to do this). Let plane come to a stop and check to see if tires are vertical, no slant in or out from fuselage. You will want to do this with you normal load so full fuel and someone in the pilot seat when you are pushing the plane. Grease plates (any grease should work) should also work fine, just make sure you have normal load in the plane. Once done go fly for the winter, don't be surprised if by spring one side or both need a small adjustment, just seems to work that way. Do it when you go back to wheels (10 min job once plane is hanging) and it should be good for a while. Make sure the adjusting sleeve turns freely before you put it on the gear. Mine had a small bur that made one side hard to adjust until we cleaned it up. This is one of few mods I have done to a plane that I could tell a noticeable difference on the first flight, one of the best bang for the buck mods for off field/rough work. DENNY
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    I set it to the exact length that the existing shock struts are and then set it down and see what we have. I have only had to adjust a few to get the camber angle perpendicular to the ground.
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    I have a couple of these and played around with them the other day with my Cessna 180. I think they will work too and less mess.
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