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Thread: Aussie Experimental Supercub build

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    Aussie Experimental Supercub build

    G'day guys and girls,

    Been lurking here for a long time and figured as my project begins its probably time to say hello, and start a thread where maybe I can extract some tips and tricks from those with the experience.
    I was offered a Supercub (originally N19BC) wreck that had been brought into Aus a few years back that I decided to grab. This started the journey into building ourselves a machine as affordably as we could, without hopefully missing out on some of the cool stuff we would love to have.
    The fuse is straight and has had most all of the Alaskan mods done, float fittings and extended baggage and paint. We have a low time set of 'Back Country' wings from Col Goldsworthy's cub that are in great condition with big fuel tanks that are more or less ready to bolt on. Also, just lately I was able to acquire a nicely priced 320-b2c from a Robinson roll over with low time that is almost finished being bulk stripped. It will be mounted via an Airframes Alaska mount with the thrustline mod built in. Lightweight starter and E-mags are on the cards.
    Plans are for oversized tail feathers, standard gear with 31's (until I can afford to go with the extended gear) and a baby bushweel on the business end, Dynon HDX in the panel, firewall mounted battery (dual batteries if i can fit them but I'm not sure yet), inertia reel harnesses and LED light bars all over the place (I'm scared of the dark...), electric trim if i can find a fairly painless solution. Also, at this stage Stewarts covering is I think the plan.

    Some things I haven't decided on yet:
    - Which wing struts - I want to run as close to the 2400lb gross weight that the wings are built for as I can with an original 18 fuse albeit modified.
    - Prop - I like catto's gear. I also like the sound of the whirlwind. Not sure yet.
    - Fuel delivery system - Have been looking at Rotec's TBI system and would love to hear anyones feedback on them. Failing that I'll probably just go with a carb (I think P/no: 10-3678-32 sounds like the go but would love to hear opinions) Also, going to go without header tanks at this stage as I can't really see any downsides.

    Right now my next decision is around the carb/throttle body injection setup. The Rotec system on face value looks great and makes sense but I have read on the Vans forum of guys who had issues. This was an old thread though and not much has been written about it since. It is also much cheaper than buying a rebuilt carb out of the USA and having it sent over, and much quicker too. If its as good as Rotec say it is then its a no brainer but I'd love some real world feedback.

    Once I work out how, I will add some photos of the bits and pieces we have and hopefully carry on with the thread as the old girl comes back to life. Also, if anyone on the off chance had any history on the aircraft I'd love to know where it came from.

    Kind Regards


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    This will tell you it came from Oklahoma and who owned it: Also you can order the CD records from the FAA which may tell you more than the records you have on hand.

    My opinion is with 31" tires you will not need extended gear since they both do the same thing, raise the nose.

    Prop- Catto makes great props. What if you don't like the pitch you get? Do you want to send it back to the States to get it repitched? I'd get the Whirlwind ground adjustable.
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    The Sensenich Ground adjustable prop is one to consider.
    Regards, Charlie
    Super Coupe E-AB build in process
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