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Thread: Impact of Using a PA-18 Plane for Glider Tow

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    Impact of Using a PA-18 Plane for Glider Tow

    Newbie here.

    What is the impact on a plane that has been used to tow gliders?

    Would it effect TBO time of 0320? Other consequences?

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    The thing that is always in question, on my mind at least with tow operations, Is how the pilot reduces power when the glider cuts off. Some pilots just cut the power to idle and dive the plane down. Others do a slow reduction of power reducing the thermoshock the engine needs to endure.
    The hard cut of power right into a dive provides allot of cooling air over the cylinders while the pistons are hot and expanded as far as can be. The rapid cooling of the cylinders shrinks them down on the pistons. Not a good thing to do.
    A good look at the books and inside the cylinders should be high on the list. In the books look for frequency of cylinder work.
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    Glider or banner tow is hard on the airplane and can be hard on the engine if the pilot doesn’t know what he’s doing.

    I’ve known airplanes used for glider tow that due to flying technique went through cylinders about every couple hundred hours. I’ve also run O-320s towing gliders for over 7000 hours without changing a cylinder. Only reason that engine came out was that it spun a bearing on me just as I was taking off.

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