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Thread: Small Airport 100LL avialability

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    Small Airport 100LL avialability

    We has some folks come through KVBT the other day from North Carolina. They had stopped at a couple airports with no 100LL that were not notamed as such, and then stopped at a larger (but still small) airport not far from here and were told they only had 250 gallons left and were not sure when they would get more.

    All that to say, often times the "airport manager" of small airports is the city clerk who does not know about notams, etc. Be sure to call ahead to see if there is fuel unless you are going into a bigger (branded) fuel airport.

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    We are seeing difficulties with deliveries due to a shortage of drivers. Apparently it’s not only tanker drivers who have not come back to work.

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    What states are having the most shortages?

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