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Thread: Blessed once again

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    Blessed once again

    This week, the lodge I am working for hosted folks from the groups called "Project healing Waters" and "North Texas Patriot Anglers", two organizations dedicated to helping disabled veterans through fishing. Disabilities ranged from combat PTSD to health/injury and mobility problems. In just six days of these guys getting to go out fishing I actually saw a difference in how a couple of them carried themselves.

    Many of you probably remember my being burned in an explosion seven years ago; but you probably don't know that my wife made me a member to this site originally as I was recovering from neck surgery. Both those medical situations were a challenge to not get depressed, and the explosion left me with some physical and mental changes that I was lucky enough to have the support to make it through, including folks from

    The statistics of Veterans taking their own life is staggering. One of the organizers of the group told me that many of our Veterans become isolated because they return from an area of high danger, so their reactions to surprise/stress is physical self defense, (I am condensing many talks here), and they become afraid of hurting loved ones and friends because of those reactions- especially at night when they sleep and have 'flashbacks'.

    They isolate and lose hope.

    Fishing, he explained, is hope. By taking the chance of casting a fly out into the water you are showing hope. It might just be hope for a bite, but a little hope opens the door for more.

    There was lots of casting this week, and lots of hope! It was an honor to be involved, and be included in some of the discussions.

    I am bringing this to all of your attention because I know many here are Veterans, (Thank you!), and there is an amazing amount of support for Veterans by all here. If you are interested in learning more:,

    This group is based in Dallas, and they often take trips to Broken Bow Oklahoma. They seem to have some great support, and work hard to include all Veterans. If you know of Veterans that could use some hope, company, or just something to keep them going maybe pass along the information. I also know they accept help in donations, equipment, use of places to fish and assistance. (One note is that TFO fly rods donate rods to participants).

    Thank you to all our Veterans, and all that support them.
    I don't know where you've been me lad, but I see you won first Prize!

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    Awesome post George. Thanks for sharing that.

    Very Blessed. "It's not an obsession, it's a passion"
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    I remember your fire experience, what a struggle you were having during recovery. I am so happy that you did recover, George. Thank you for sharing your thoughts with all of us. We learn through sharing experiences like these. Personally, I am very thankful for friends I have made here who are willing to provide support, no questions asked.




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