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Thread: 1976 Super Cub for sale

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    1976 Super Cub for sale

    1976 P A 18 SUPER CUB FOR SALE BY owner Ron Hayes 817 925 0065
    Total time on aircraft 1337. Time since major engine overhaul 91 hrs 2019 Lycon 160 by custom aircraft in Palmer McCauley Boer prop 82/42 time since new 438 . Beautiful super cub 169,500

    Ack Tech E-04 Emergency Locator transmitter
    Garmin G T X 345 Transponder ADS-B in and out
    Garmin G T R 200 Com. radio
    Garmin G - 5 Attitude indicator
    Garmin 795 with traffic
    R C Allen rate of climb
    Steve Williams custom instrument panel all switches and circuit breakers in panel
    Aero L E D landing and pulse lights
    Pulsar L E D strobe and nav lights
    Bose head set phone jacks
    Std. head set jacks push to talk on control stick
    Light weight Alternator B-C400-2 40 amp
    Light weight starter Sketch H-S122380
    Gascolater S A-300 Steve’s aircraft
    Ly-con 160 H P engine
    Quick drain oil drain valve CCB-3700
    Oil filter Casper labs C L 1000A
    32 gal. Belly fuel tank Airglas L T 32 P A 18
    Brake booster Steves Aircraft S A 6-01
    Atlee Dodge hot rod muffler
    Atlee dodge fueling step
    Atlee dodge Hudson bay axe fueling step
    Atlee Dodge rear seat heater
    Atlee Dodge windshield de froster
    Atlee dodge folding pilots seat
    Atlee Dodge under pilots seat light weight battery
    Atlee dodge extended baggage compartment
    Atlee dodge safety cables
    Atlee dodge rear control stick cover
    Atlee Dodge vented gas caps
    Atlee dodge baggage compartment cross bar
    Micro aero Dynamics Vortex generators
    Push or pull locking controll cables for Mixture,Carb heat, cabin heat, rear
    seat heat and defrost all located in panel.
    Dakota cub stabilizer trim system
    Alaska bush wheel 31 inch tires
    6 inch Cleveland wheels
    Bush wheel double puck brake rotors
    Baby bush tail wheel
    Pawnee tail spring
    Aircraft re covered with Stits poly fiber 5-17-2012 Juneau white and pontiac red
    McCauley propeller borer prop 82/42
    Passenger seat shoulder harness
    Pilot’s seat M-1-Inerta reel shoulder harness
    rear seat under seat storage
    New red leather pilot seat

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    Still for sale?

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    1976 cub for sale

    Quote Originally Posted by strand10 View Post
    Still for sale?
    Yes the cub is still for sale
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