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Thread: Polish- what is best for fabric on SCub?

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    Polish- what is best for fabric on SCub?

    My SCub fabric looks ok for 30 years old but needs to be polished. What is best polish to protect the fabric? Thanks!

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    Lemon Pledge
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    If really hazy, and dope finish, try to find some #7 polishing compound. Used to be DuPont.
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    Lemon Pledge is great for the windscreen/windows as well.
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    If you're just trying to protect the fabric, clean well and use carnauba wax. Silicon based waxes can make it difficult to do paint repairs.
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    When I had the Howard, I would do a good cleaning and waxing each spring. After each flight, wipe it down with mineral spirits to get the oil off, and lemon pledge to bring out the shine. Only problem with Pledge was it would get milky if left out in the rain or heavy due.

    If it is real bad, and a dope finish, scuff it with 400 grit and spray a coat of rejuvenator.
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