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Thread: A bunch of PA-11 Questions

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    Quote Originally Posted by krines View Post
    JP It was a picture of her shooting an AK-47. She would have been tarred and feathered
    Not if she had ammo!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Waldo M View Post
    If I had to equip the airplane for ADS-B out, I would only install a light weight battery without a charging system to power it. That would avoid the weight and expense of installing an electrical starter and generator. [Which would require installing a new C90-12 engine.]
    Do you have a transponder now? If so, how is it powered? If not, why would you ever have to fit ADS-B out?

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    No transponder installed. I use a Yaesu portable comm with an a remote AAE dipole antenna connected to a portable P S Engineering intercom for the headset jacks. The Yaesu uses a rechargeable battery and the intercom uses a 9V battery. I considered relocation for a job several years ago that would have required basing in or near the Washington S.F.R.A. That would have required equipping the airplane a transponder, encoder, and now ADS-B out. If I had done that, I would have installed a panel mount comm radio as well. Happily, I didn't have to move to that area and don't currently fly the airplane in airspace that requires ADS-B.

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