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Thread: ADS-B in Idaho Backcountry?

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    ADS-B in Idaho Backcountry?

    I'm heading up to the Idaho backcountry this weekend, before the "official" Supercub fly-in at Johnson Crick. Does anyone have current experience with how ADS-B is working in the backcountry, and specifically the canyons around Johnson Crick? I have ADS-B in with traffic alerts, and there's a LOT more traffic out there than we see. I'm a "look out the front window and scan" guy, but want to use all the tools available. I think may have been touched on very briefly on the excellent panel discussion Wednesday, 6.09.21? Also, since Girlscout isn't coming along this trip, it'd be nice for her to have another tool to track location, in addition to the Spot tracker.

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    ADS-B airplane to airplane works fine in the mountains, even outside radar and ADS-B coverage.
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    When I was flying in the area between Landmark and JC, my ADSB was picking up a ground station, so I could see Mode C as well as ADSB aircraft. Elsewhere, I had no problem picking up ADSB aircraft air-to-air that were in my drainage, as well as ADSB aircraft flying at nose bleed altitudes.

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    I took a trip last year with a couple buddies, through eastern WA, Idaho, eastern OR--
    my ADSB in was good for keeping track of where my cohorts were.
    Otherwise it didn't do much for me.
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