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Thread: Atlee Dodge experience

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    Atlee Dodge experience

    The crew at Atlee Dodge took great care of me with a parts issue I had because I didn't look at the parts 16 months ago, the customer service was second to none! Yep some times stuff happens, it has happened to me in our business, it is how you take care of the item.

    Steve took my call and listened to me, he took and fixed everything in an extremely fast manor, what we don't normally see in the business world today.

    THANK YOU Steve!!! Atlee Dodge ROCKS!!

    Doug Colorguns

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    All the guys at Atlees ROCK!!!!

    I live just a couple miles from them. When I was putting my skis on this year I was making daily trips in there. I can’t express how much they are appreciated up here.
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    Yep, Steve is awesome, and so was Atlee. When I first bought my Cub it had a bunch of their STC’s but they were all done with bootleg copies of the paperwork. I called Atlee (himself) and explained the situation and told him I wanted to buy the STC’s from him to clean up the paperwork. We talked a little about the guys handing around copies, then he said “send me $50 and I’ll send them out today”. When the envelope showed up it had not only the STC’s I needed, but every STC he had for J-3’s. Still have a few of them around that I never accomplished.
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    Have been dealing with Atlee for 30 plus yrs, always a great experience. These guys have such a wealth of knowledge and are always willing to take the time to answer your questions. The gold standard...
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    Called Atlee himself about a dented shock strut, was on the ice off Kotzebue and Atlee sent it air cargo that afternoon!!! Said “send me a check when you get the bill”. You won’t find that kind of service very often these days.
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