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Thread: PA-25 Drawings

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    PA-25 Drawings

    Hi All,

    I've flown a two place (side by side) Pawnee here in Australia and have seen pictures of people operating Pawnee's as backcountry aircraft and have started thinking about an experimental two place Pawnee set up for off airport work.

    Univair has 3 wing drawings and 4 fuselage drawings for the PA-25 listed on their website. I know that there are a lot of common parts between the Pawnee and other Piper models, so would these drawings and the short wing Piper drawings provide enough information to build a Pawnee.

    Also, does anyone know if there are other PA-25 drawings in the public domain?


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    What type of "off airport" terrain do you plan on operating on in Australia? A low wing airplane could have difficulties with wing clearances. Irregular terrain can quickly allow a wing to have ground contact.

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    James Sallmon has been flying one around Idaho for years, big tires, etc. Pretty cool looking plane! It's been in the calendar a couple times.

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    There’s actually not that many common parts in a PA-25 compared to other fabric Pipers. It has a unique set of tail feathers. The ailerons and flaps are built out of the same parts as a Pacer but are different length. Fuselage, fuel system, landing gear, firewall forward is all different. It is a rocket on the climb when empty though!

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