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    Go Fun Me

    Hi Sweetheart,

    Me and the boys are just about to finish up the project and I can head home. I realize I am running a bit behind schedule, and suspect the credit card bill arrived a slight bit more than expected- sorry.

    As you know, we were right on schedule and had lots of help. One night Peter came over and lended a hand with the painting, and you know how it is, we all didn't figure that just a little bit of spilt beer on the bare metal would cause an issue, so just painted over it. Before you knows it, the paint all ran off that spot. Seriously, we had a couple more beers and tried it again! We painted so hard we actually wore the bristles out of that broom we were using on the fuselage.

    After the third or forth try, we realized we were out of beer, which I attributed to the tempers being a bit short by then. As it was only getting on to 10:00, I sent Jack to get more beer down the street, he was the only one sober so I thought that was the best idea.

    Anyhows, Jack headed down the street to pick up our beer, and wouldn't you know it, Sherri, the paint store owner's daughter, was walking to the liquor store at the same time. Jack being the gentleman he is (and single) offered her a ride, and then after they got their beers, he took her home. Since Sherri's father was home, and drank the same kind of beer we were, Jack decided he would get some free advice, so took a six-pack into the house with him to help limber up conversation.

    By the time Jack had got the low down on the paint issue, (beer and paint don't mix), Sherri had decided to join us and rode down to the shop with Jack. Now we were one extra person and one six-pack short... so back to the store they go. When they got back the next night I said it was ok, he could pay me back for the motel room.

    The next night the paint was mostly dry, so we went ahead and started to put the fabric on. Really glad with had the oxygen-acetelene torch to warm the metal, because the glue wouldn't stick otherwise. It took us two cases of good beer to get the fabric on that night without to many holes burned in the fabric.

    We decided to iron the fabric the next night. Thankfully Jack and Sherri had hit it off, because Sherri is a snowboarder, her and her friends all had irons for waxing their boards, we had enough irons for each of us. It went really quickly, the ironing, and looked pretty good if I do say so myself. Only took one case of beer that night, and we are excited at the new racing edges we got trailing edge of the wing- no boring strait lines for us!

    On the forth night we was really happy because Sherri Brought over her dad's airless sprayer so we could shoot the first coat quickly! We knew we had to sand it all out anyhow, so this was a big time saver.

    I think this is where our schedule started to fail. Darned if that airless sprayer didn't have something in it that made the paint not stick!! Where it did it was thick and unmanageable, even after we smoothed it out with the new broom.

    After a few trys, we sent Sherri to the store for some beer, with the request she also bring her Dad back. I won't repeat what her Dad said, but I do believe this is where my budget plans began to have issues. The things Sherri's Dad said about Jack his friends, us, were so hurtful and undeserved that he was morose and Sherri was in tears. At one point Sherri's Dad said if she continued with Jack that a free vasectomy would be her next birthday present. To make them feel better I suggested they go spend a happy night together, and they did, with my credit card.

    As you can guess, we lost some time with the painting. Sherri's Dad was not much help other than to say in a cryptic way that we should not clean our ears around the paint because the wax will not allow the paint to stick. Which is sort of funny because it only took the nurse three hours to clean the paint out of Stan's ear when we poured some on him for drinking the last beer- it stuck so well in his ear he could not hear us tell him to get beer, so came back with a mirror.

    No we are trying to get the new fabric on. We were half way with glueing the new stuff down when Phill suggested it would be easier if we put the cables, pulleys and wiring in place before we did the fabric.

    As you can tell, the cost of beer, fabric and paint has been increasing. If the fabric company would just send instructions it would help, though the nice square, plastic coasters they sent are really cool and are large enough to put a large base glass on and not overhang. They also have a mini round coaster inside that is all shiny- but the hole in the middle allows some spillage onto the table below- we don't use those over the fabric.

    Please don't worry about the Doctor bills, most of the guys have insurance, and none of the burns are causing them to miss work. Did you know that the paint on planes is flammable?

    We should have the plane ready next week, but might need to fix a few places where the paint did not stick to our patch job.

    Please send more money to the credit card, as our beer is again low...

    Your loving Man,

    I don't know where you've been me lad, but I see you won first Prize!
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    Yup! That's a real back-yard covering job. LOL. Thank for that. It was a fun way to start the day.

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    Wait, I don't get it. What's the funny part?



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