As an S-TEC 3100 Owner / Operator, I fear this is the beginning of the end of S-TEC for piston aircraft

Think about how long S-TEC has talked toward VNAV / S-TEC 3100 Software v1.4 has been talked of ( note I did not say promised )

When is the last time you heard anyone voluntarily installing an S-TEC Autopilot since Garmin’s Oshkosh 2017 GFC 500 / 600 Announcements ( I say voluntarily, toward any installs into an aircraft not yet on Garmin’s AML, or even on “Garmin’s AML Radar Screen” toward future availability, arguably might not be considered a voluntary S-TEC Autopilot install ), and those of us who upgraded S-TEC 55X’s to 3100’s were given an outstanding value proposition by S-TEC, arguably toward helping to launch the 3100 product and gain rapid product acceptance

The quality, interoperability, price point, and popularity of the Garmin GFC 500 is arguably an S-TEC Killer....

I say this NOT as an S-TEC “Hater,” rather, sadly, as an S-TEC 3100 Owner