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Thread: Whirlwind vs Sterna and Length (150hp Cub)

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    Whirlwind vs Sterna and Length (150hp Cub)

    Hey guys, if there is a thread about this already I apologize and make sure and point me that direction.

    I am wanting to know peoples experience with Whirlwind prop and a Sterna props on a 150 hp experimental cub. I have had a whirlwind prop for the last couple years on a Glastar and it has been awesome! It’s 78 inches long on a IO 360 and it seems to be a great all-around combination.

    I'd love to buy another WW but I can get a Sterna for half the price so I have to make sure and considerate at that price point… The Sterna of people say that 78 inches is likely my best bet for a 150 hp motor. The people at whirlwind say 80" inches is likely my best bet. Any opinions or experiences? I like a good all around prop but 78" seems to be getting pretty small in this world of long props!

    Thanks very much in advance!!


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    Hey Ben,

    I had a 80" Whirlwind on my 160hp 0-320 Exp Cub. I was curious what an extra 2" would do and whirlwind sent me a new hub. I did pull tests with both the 80" and the 82". I saw about 10-15% increase in static thrust with the 82" so that is what I am running now. Its a cub, so I did not see any decrease in cruise speed by having the bigger prop.
    Thanks DENNY thanked for this post

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    denalicub, could u share ur pitch degree on the 82'' ww on the 320. Thanks

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    Lycoming O-360 C4P. Was running a 86x36 Catto. I love it. Pulls like crazy, very well built, strong, can take some abuse.

    Have not had the chance to try the Whirlwind, yet...

    Since 5 months, I now run a 86.5" ground adjustable Sterna prop. I really like it. Been adjusted to go at 85mph@2450rpm. I could swear it can takeoff as short as the Catto, but cruise a little faster.

    Yesterday I gave it 2 degrees more, it is now adjusted to go faster, 95mph @ 2450rpm. That is fast for a draggy Cub like mine. Lost some static rpm but that thing still makes my airplane airborne within 100 feet!

    I need to play with it more.

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