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Thread: Mag issues

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    Mag issues

    It appears that my left mag is getting tired. My 0-320 engine was getting hard to start so had the plugs changed last annual which helped some. However the rpm drop increased for the left mag with the new plugs, a little over 100 rpms. It is still hard starting sometimes.
    My question is should I have the mag rebuilt or go with a certified e-mag? Anyone have experience with the SurFly ?

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    What mags do you have now?
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    When is the last time these mags had a 500 hr inspection?

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    One Super Cub around here was getting those "lemme see a photo" annuals. I had to ferry it from a local airport one day, and noticed it was climbing poorly.

    Mags had worn in the cam and point area, causing the timing to be seriously retarded. Cams were worn to the point where it was difficult to get them set correctly.

    Overhauled both. Fixed.

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    What mags do you have? Slicks are natorious for having intermittent starting problems. I dumped mine for a set of Bendix and have been very happy. If you have Bendix mags send them to https://www.aircraftmagnetoservice.n...hoC5gMQAvD_BwE for rebuild/overhaul, they are great people to work with.
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    Mags have ignition points like old cars. Over time the points and the follower wear a little. This changes the internal timing of the mag. If the points are in otherwise good condition just retime them to E-gap (the point of the highest magnetic flux prior to TDC) of the rotating magnet. You feel E-gap with your hands. All it takes is a 1/2" wrench, a screw driver, a piece of paper and a few minutes of time.
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