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Thread: Alternator part numbers

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    Alternator part numbers

    Greetings, Forum! I just bought a 1993 Super Cub, Lycoming O-320 150HP with rear mounted oil cooler. Need to replace the alternator but having trouble finding a part number, and I hear there's a B&C light weight option, though I'm told there's additional wiring that must be modified/installed. Appreciate any advise from the forum on: part numbers for a standard alternator, or any experience on performance/cost/installation of lightweight B&C. Thanks!

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    Plane-Power SA12-70 replaces the belt driven alternator and the FS1-14B is a gear driven (vacuum pump pad) alternator. B&C has the L-40 belt driven alternator and SD-8 and SD-20 gear driven ones.

    Any time you replace a charging system with another model,strip out all existing wires and breakers (and possibly switches) and start from scratch. You never want to reuse old wires and you can never be sure of the condition of existing old breakers. Occasionally I'll reuse a master switch if the age and condition justify it.

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    The B&C L40 isn’t for certified airplanes, but it can be done with either a DER approval or a Field Approval. The BC400 is STCd, so no additional paperwork, but a couple hundred $ more.

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