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Thread: PA-18 Seat Options to Increase Headroom?

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    PA-18 Seat Options to Increase Headroom?

    OK - I know I'm not the only tall pilot here (I'm 6'5") and just fit in the front seat of a stock SuperCub with a non-folding front seat. My head still brushes the X-brace and I've padded that with pipe insulation (the brace not my head).

    My question is without an STC are there any cushion mods (lower/thinner cushions), seat slant tricks or seat frame changes (back to STCs) that would give me an extra inch or two for long cross countries and turbulence? I even took the button off my baseball cap and slouch as much as possible.

    Thanks in advance.

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    At 6'4" that cross bar is the # 1 reason I always wear a helmet.
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    Shorter cushion or a Tango Cub seat that were built for the Air Force and were lower for a seat chute. Inboard flap handle attachment would have to be addressed.
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    My Tango cub's greatest feature was the lower seat. I really miss it!

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    Problem with the tango seat is the rear mounting brackets are about an 1” outboard of the stock ones, then the underseat battery won’t work and the flap handle is also messed up.Click image for larger version. 

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