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Thread: Cub crafters 3x3 landing gear experience

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    Cub crafters 3x3 landing gear experience

    Looking at putting a 3" extended gear on my super cub. Looking to see if it would be worth putting 3x3 extended landing gear on instead of the standard 3" gear!

    Thanks in advance for any info!

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    i would if your cg is forward

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    Agreed. If you have a 360 and a Borer prop, it's a good choice.
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    It will make an in-flight forward CG worse with big tires.

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    If your CG is forward that is one way to fix it only on the ground for braking. You could also balance the plane and correct the CG and performance by removing weight on the nose, move the battery farther back in the fuselage if it is the old Gill, add weight in the tail section, extended baggage put your tools ropes, extra heavy stuff way back in it.

    Just another way to fix the problem.

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