I think there is interest for a Utility STOL aircraft that allows a pilot to take off in 800' with full fuel and 1000 pounds of freight into the bush at 160 MPH, or economy cruise at +6 hours at 7 gph.

Beginning in the 1990's, Bob Barrows designed and built a line of 4 experimental Utility STOL aircraft with exemplary performance numbers. All of them have a 4130 steel tube and fabric fuselage, Aluminum wing with solid rivets, a single wing strut like a Cessna, go fast (STOL - fast) carry cargo, pax and gas.

His first model in about 1997 was a four place outperforms a Maul (and C-180 in many categories), the Patrol designed in 2002 outperforms the XCub, the LSA with an O-200 get rave reviews, a O-360 powered two place model side by side was introduced and is called the Companion.

Within the past few weeks Bob and the kit factory owner revealed the new Bearhawk Model 5. Its wider & longer than the classic four place with more power and higher MGTOW. Its in flight test right now, and I thought I'd share a video.

I'm not connected in any way with the factory outside of being a happy customer and am building a Patrol. Being a fan of the design, designer, and the factory and, I think the product line is undervalued, and folks hear might be interested in the capabilities the Model 5 brings to the STOL Utility backcountry experimental aircraft market place.

The video is produced by a Bearhawk builder/Professional Pilot who's doing test flights. It humbly shows off the airplane in a hanger, with the person who completed the prototype kit. Its not a sales hype video, no fancy music, no hot rod flying. Rather its basic low hype R&D that is producing a product with tremendous capability.

If your a builder its worth watching just to see a light weight experimental build.