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Thread: Base Station Radio

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    Base Station Radio

    Does anyone have any old Base Station Radios laying around? I want to build or buy a radio I can set up in the house and talk to my buddies when I hear them flying around. Right now I have a hand held but it has its limitations. Let me know what you have or find useful!
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    I've built a few using older aircraft radios. Fabricate a box that holds the radio, speaker, and jacks & switches. It can be powered from a plug in power supply (120VAC to 12VDC) but that can be noisey. I prefer to power them from a 12V battery that is connected to a low power charger, so that it can be left plugged in and it can be located a few feet away from the radio to minimize electrical noise.

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    A lot of the limitations of a handheld stem from the antenna.
    Connect it to a good one & you might be surprised.
    Nice thing about a handheld is that it can be used as more than a base or ground-use radio.
    The com radio in my airplane went gunnysack--
    I lashed up the handheld & headset adapter in the airplane,
    but it sucked until I took off the rubber ducky antenna
    and connected the handheld to the #2 com antenna.
    (I knew there was a good reason to leave that coax in place!)
    Still not as convenient as the panel mount radio,
    but it'll do til that's repaired.
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    Another option is to add a better antenna system to the handheld. If the existing antenna uses a typical twist-on BNC connector then one similar to this extended to about 23" can add some gain:

    Then cut a piece of small diameter coated wire about same length and attach it to the metal case of the radio...belt clip, case screw, or the exposed external antenna base..and let it dangle down. That becomes the other half of the antenna system instead of your body.


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    SJ installed an old Com antenna on the top of my hangar several years ago and works great with my hand held radio.
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