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Thread: super cub corrosion.

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    super cub corrosion.

    Hi all,
    Has anyone experienced any corrosion of any kind on their supercubs? specially under the seats and down the back of the tail or spots where you cant see unless you pull everything out. My 69" super cub is just about to go for its annual and want to check for any corrosion before i take it outback.
    pictures would be amazing too

    happy flying

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    Look at the very aft end of the fuselage above the tail wheel spring. That area tends to collect dirt and moisture rusting out the cluster of tubing. This is a consideration in all steel tube fuselages not just Cubs.
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    I would look at this thread.
    In addition clean all the dirt and debris out from betwteen the fabric and tubing. Most all of the corrosion I see is from dirt holding moisture against the tubing and abraiding the primer like sand paper.
    Steve Pierce

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