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Thread: WESTACH CHT/EGT Probes

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    Good Day All...
    Sorry in advance. Nubbie question...I have a EXP CUb with a Lycoming O-320 A1B.
    I purchased the 2" Westach Duel CHT EGT Gauge and what I believed was the correct corresponding probes. Not so much so. Seems the EGT I ordered, was for an exhaust manifold with a pre tapped boss to screw the probe into, and the CHT was the one one that fits under the spark plug, vice the bayonet type I wanted.
    I posted a question to the company I purchased the gauge from and they replied that they didn't have an application guide to precisely advise me which parts I should re-order.
    Can anyone advise which Westach CHT and EGT probes i would order for this engine.
    Many Thanks

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    712-7DK for CHT and probably 712-32DWK for EGT.

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    I installed a UMA replacement CHT gauge a few years ago, and had a hard time determining which (bayonette) probe I wanted.
    Guess I picked right, cuz it worked when I got it installed.
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    Hi Wireweinie...thanks for the advice...I will order them up this week. Getting closer. Cheers!
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